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Harley Davidson Special Edition Pipe 815 - Non filtered

Harley Davidson Special Edition Pipe 815 - Non filtered


A special edition for all Harley Davidson lovers out there. Although I don’t ride I do love and appreciate the design and art in Harley’s. Package includes a high end HD Zippo and a handle bar tool bag. I’m told that the Harley’s with twin fuel tanks are called ‘Fat Bob’ 😄 I added fuel caps which I knurled the edges as you might expect on a fuel cap. The central star is there to allude to the Speedo position over the tank on many Harley’s. I’ve shrouded it with a sterling silver band. I only polished the top edge and left the patina on the sides of the band deliberately. The sides of the tanks have lazer etched HD wings and off course the main emblem is proudly emblazoned on the front wall of pipe where the headlight of the bike would be. There’s a real carbon fibre band on the shank.

I really enjoyed putting the pipe and its accessories together and I hope it goes to an HD fan but off course it can equally go to anymore collector 😃

Length 152mm

Height 60mm

Chamber width 20mm tapered

Chamber depth 50mm

Weight 123gr

Tenon: standard 4mm draught (non filtered)

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