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Pipe 382 morta barrel

Pipe 382 morta barrel

This morta pipe was inspired by a Mummert shape but is at a fraction of the price. A brindled ivorite shank cap and a smooth ivorite disc tops off the end of the pipe to create a harmonious design of morta contained within an ivorite framework. 

The body of the pipe tapers slightly and is slightly narrower at the stem end, I think this is more attractive than a simple straight cylinder. The pipe shape limits the depth of the chamber so I’ve made it wider wider than usual to allow more tobacco. 

Brindled jade acrylic saddle stem. The bowl is coated to protect the morta. The balance on this pipe is amazing, it’s so gentle on the teeth and jaw joint, a joy to clench. It’s my first one of these so it’s priced accordingly. 
Length 120mm - height 38mm - chamber depth 20mm - chamber width 23mm - weight  73gr
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