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Pipe 644 Crown Series

Pipe 644 Crown Series


LCS Briars Pipe 644, Crown Series. This pipe was conceived on Monday, the day HM Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest. I wanted to include elements which speak to features of HM’s life and reign. There are 96 bricks on the pipe each for a year of her life, perfectly alluding to the fortress she built here in the UK and worldwide, with each year of her life. There are 15 posts in the battlements atop the pipe, each representing the 15 countries of her dominion. There are 7 rings on the stem, one for each decade of her record breaking 70 years on the throne. The coins are both 5p but notice that one is older with a younger queen whilst the other is more recent. The pipe became a labour of love with a lot of intricate carving. Each brick was individual shaped and textured with multiple layers of staining and carving. I’m extremely proud of the the result, a functional historic piece of smoking art.

Length 190mm

Height 90mm

Chamber width 20mm tapered

Chamber depth 50mm

Weight 142gr

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