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Pipe 716 - 4 Star

Pipe 716 - 4 Star


I wanted to make my first pipe after returning from Rome, inspired by my time there. There are several videos of my trip on my YouTube channel ‘London Calling with Simon’

At the Fincato tobacconist I saw a Rinaldo Skipper pipe which I really liked so I decided to do a tribute version. It’s not intended as a replica more a nod to the design. I’m delighted with the outcome especially as the grain and the contrast staining worked out fantastic.

The balance of the pipe lends itself to clenching if desired. The stem is designed so it is tapered from the shank and at the widest point is the same diameter as the shank. I really like the stepped silver shank adornment, a key design element on the skipper.

Length 134mm

Height 59mm

Chamber width 20mm

Chamber depth 45mm

Weight 61gr

Filter: Yes 9mm (custom made adapter to make pipe non filtered, available free on request)

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